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DOM is committed to sourcing our farmed seafood products from organic-certified or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)-certified suppliers. If organic-certified or ASC-certified products are not available, our minimum sourcing standard for farmed products is GLOBAL G.A.P. For wild products, we commit to sourcing MSC-certified fish and seafood as a priority. DOM has a full-chain traceability policy in place to support our sustainable seafood commitment: tracing product scientific name, geographic origin, farmed or wild, and gear type or farming method. As of today, our seafood purchases meet 100% of this commitment.

Finding greener, cleaner food sources is important to our global future. Animal farming, overpopulation, and overfishing have the greatest impacts on our planet, and making sustainable choices is an easy and powerful way to minimize these effects. New technology within the fishing industry has led to stricter guidelines and higher standards for raising fish, meaning less intrusion on the environment.
Responsible sourcing and fishing is about supporting healthier oceans. All DOM seafood products are responsibly sourced–farmed or harvested from select locations around the world. We began our journey with Norwegian Fjord, sustainably sourced salmon from the cold waters of Norway. All DOM seafood are products you can feel good about buying and about eating. We care about our oceans and the ecosystems that need to be safeguarded. We’ve also developed a line of organic products that help to protect and preserve ecosystems. All DOM Organics products are free of any chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones, and fish are fed an organic, GMO-free diet. Making a choice to support responsible fishing is easy–you can do it every time you purchase seafood. Whether shopping for your restaurant or for your family, choose responsibly. Choose DOM.



DOM International is all about bringing you the world’s finest seafood. We’ve ventured around the world to find the best our oceans have to offer and, on this quest of excellence, have developed a line of distinct products. Norwegian Fjord salmon is authentically Scandinavian, raised in the deep, glacier-fed waters of Norway–from our traditionally smoked salmon and gravad lax to our fresh salmon. DOM Organics is a clean, green choice and features certified-organic seafood, raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals, including Organic Shrimp, Organic Mussels, and Organic Salmon. DOM Reserve puts the restaurant in your kitchen–chef-inspired, pre-seasoned cedar-planked salmon, escargots, marinated salmon portions, and smoked salmon; add something special to your table with ease. DOM Specialty is quality, pre-packaged smoked salmon priced for every day–great for busy, on-the-go lifestyles. From poaching and steaming to grilling and roasting, preparing seafood doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve provided a list of Cooking Tips & Tricks with easy instructions for cooking fish like a professional. Not sure how to handle seafood? Don’t worry–we’ve provided advice on that, too! Steamed mussels, grilled shrimp skewers, roasted parmesan-crusted salmon–you can do it all with help from DOM. Planning a weekend brunch? Looking for ways to get more seafood into your family’s diet? Need a new seafood dinner recipe? Discover everything from elegant seafood appetizers and heart-healthy mains to hearty pastas and kid-friendly dishes for every occasion. Let’s Eat!
Baked salmon garnished with asparagus, tomatoes, and herbs.
Salmon fillet on ice
Baked salmon garnished with asparagus, tomatoes, and herbs.