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Atlantic Salmon Gravlax

Salmo salar


Enjoy a taste of a genuine Nordic delicacy with DOM Reserve Gravlax. Gravlax is cured – not smoked – in salt, sugar, pepper and dill, which results in a fresh, light taste with a firm texture. Serve it as an authentic Scandinavian appetizer on slices of new potatoes or crisp bread, and paired with a mustard dill sauce. Add a modern spin to this Scandinavian classic with blinis and crème fraîche, cucumbers and radish salad; or as a topping to an open faced sandwich.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Cured, not smoked
  • Vacuum packed to preserve freshness – Flavour Lock Freshness
  • Certified kosher by the Orthodox Union
  • Pre-sliced for easy preparation — just thaw, serve, and enjoy
  • Exquisite appearance with a rich red colour and sprinkled with fresh dill

Available in the following sizes: 200 g