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Farmed vs Wild

Understanding the Benefits of Choosing Farmed Salmon

Did you know that about half of fish and seafood that we eat are farmed?1 Also known as aquaculture, this form of farming means that fish and other seafood are cultivated under controlled conditions, rather than being harvested in the wild, where certain fish populations are declining. Nearly three-quarters of the world’s salmon production is farmed. 2

Here at DOM International, most of our fish, including our salmon, is farmed. We source our fish responsibly from farms that meet certified standards. It’s a decision we take seriously.

Here’s why we choose farmed salmon:

Natural Conditions
Salmon farming takes place in very large circular nets or pens that are positioned in ocean waters near fjords or bays. The fish grow in cold, pristine waters of the North Atlantic, bordered by countries that pay close attention to ocean conservation. Farmers manage the amount of fish in the pens, because lower stocking densities, combined with optimal water currents, allow fish to move around more freely, resulting in lower risk of disease, and, some say, a firmer, tastier fish.


Healthy Fish
Quite simply, a healthy, well-cared-for fish results in a better product, with firmer flesh, vibrant colour and delicious taste. Feed is primarily composed of fish meal (made up of herring or another oily fish), and is tested for heavy metal contaminants like mercury and other pollutants. This feed is formulated to create the ideal fat and meat content in the salmon. In Norway, where much of our farmed salmon is sourced, feed can not contain any GMO ingredients, nor any by-products from terrestrial animals. Farmers are also able to manage the stress on the salmon when it’s caught and transported for processing.


Sustainable Management
Our suppliers’ farms are certified to GLOBAL G.A.P. Aquaculture Standards, which monitor compliance with laws, food safety, working conditions, and animal and environmental conservation.3 The fresh and smoked organic salmon in our Organics line are certified by ECOCERT Canada and farmed in accordance with organic aquaculture standards.

Working with suppliers who practice good aquaculture practices at every step of the way is how we have always run our company, and always will.


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