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Our Seafood

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Bringing the world’s finest seafood to your table is our passion. When it comes to sourcing seafood, it’s not just about how the fish are caught, but also how it tastes, how it looks, and how it gets here. That’s why visiting suppliers is so important to us, and we’ve travelled to every corner of the planet in search of the best seafood. We want to see the process firsthand, taste the product, and build strong relationships with those who are doing it right. We do it to ensure that our seafood is always of the highest quality. This is our promise to you.

Scandinavian Salt and Sugar cured salmon platter with fresh dill, red onion and capers


Norway is legendary for its salmon–for centuries, the rugged coastline and pristine, glacier-fed waters have yielded some of the world’s most vibrant and flavourful fish. We’re keeping the tradition alive with Norwegian Fjord: premium, responsibly sourced salmon that is authentically Scandinavian–a ‘gift from the fjords.’


Raised in harmony with nature, DOM Organics is about protecting ecosystems and promoting sustainability. DOM Organics is certified organic by ECOCERT Canada: free of chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics, and hormones. Fish are fed an organic, GMO-free diet, with low stocking densities, 60% more water per fish. DOM Organics is our way of providing exceptional seafood with a reduced environmental impact.

Salmon fillet with parsley, pepper and basil
cooked cedar planked salmon with lemon and dill meal


Sophisticated, elegant, and chef-inspired, DOM Reserve products are ready to serve or ready to cook–seasoned or smoked to perfection. Create a special evening, delight your guests, or elevate your next meal with ease. From pre-soaked and pre-seasoned cedar-planked salmon to escargots with garlic butter, DOM Reserve brings the restaurant to your table.


Looking for an easy lunch? DOM Specialty is pre-portioned and packaged salmon for easy eating. Pack it in the kids’ lunches, take it on your commute, or know that it’s ready and waiting in your freezer. Sourced from the cold waters of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, DOM Specialty is quality salmon priced for the everyday. Make a healthy choice that’s ready-to-serve with DOM Specialty.

DOM Specialty. Bagel with a smoked salmon and cream cheese