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Our Story

A lifelong quest to bring Canada the world's best seafood


Over twenty-five years ago, DOM International arrived in Norway on a quest to bring the world’s best salmon to Canada. The air was cool and crisp, the blue glacier-fed waters surrounded by the mountains that created the fjords. For generations, these cold, pristine waters have raised some of the most flavourful fish on the planet. We honour Norwegian fishing traditions by bringing exceptional seafood from our table to yours. This is where it began.
The bow of a cruise ship navigating through the Norwegian Fjords. Small villages are visible along the water, and mountains surround are on both sides.


Salmon-based meals sampled and savoured (we rounded up)
Ships, skiffs and rickshaws boarded and disembarked
Countries visited around the globe
Pairs of hiking boots purchased and worn down to the sole
Hands in the clean, blue ocean waters. Sustainable fishing


Our planet is rapidly changing, the population is growing, and the demand for fish is exceeding what our oceans can produce. In response to overfishing and overpopulation, we’ve adapted. We’ve developed smarter ways to farm fish that reduce our impact on local ecosystems, allowing species to thrive and to combat threats of extinction. We source intelligently, farm intelligently, and deliver products that we are proud of. It’s no longer just about putting food on the table. It’s about keeping the deep ocean waters blue. It’s about leaving a legacy that we can be proud of. It’s about preserving natural habitats for generations to come. Making a difference means making a choice. The effect of pork, beef, and chicken production on our Earth weighs more heavily on the issue. The solution? Choose fish. And if you choose fish, choose DOM. We invite you to join us in taking that first step for better health and a better environment.


We are working toward healthier oceans and healthier humans, and DOM Organics helps us keep that promise. All of our organic seafood is certified by ECOCERT Canada. This means: organic, GMO-free feed, no chemicals, preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics, low stocking densities, and 60% more water per fish. We’re always looking for new ways to fish and new ways to source–and we discovered there’s no better path to sustainability than through DOM Organics.
Fresh salmon on a cutting board
Fish being smoked at a traditional Norwegian smokehouse.


The History of Smoked Salmon

Smoking preserves salmon and has been used for centuries by various cultures around the world. To prepare for long, cold winters, people smoked and salted their freshly caught salmon to enjoy. The Greeks and Romans served smoked salmon at feasts and festivals. The First Nation People in America deeply respected and relied upon salmon for centuries. According to Norse legend, Viking tribes once battled over this valuable resource. To bring peace to the land, the god Thor hurled thunderbolts from the heavens, carving countless deep grooves along the coast known as fjords, which have guaranteed an abundance of salmon for all.

The History Of Gravad Lax

Long before the Viking Era, Scandinavians buried salmon underground with layers of dill, salt, and sugar. Gravad lax, meaning ‘grave salmon’, preserved fish in the absence of refrigeration and allowed people to survive the winter. What’s Your Smoking Style? Scandinavian: dry salted and gently cold-smoked. Irish: salted with sea salt and smoked over oak. West Coast: lightly smoked over fragrant hardwoods.