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Scenic view of Norwegian waters and waterfall where DOM International farms their salmon

The Norwegian Waters Advantage

Natural conditions in the North Atlantic create healthy, beautiful fish.

It matters where our food comes from—the unique climate and environment of a particular part of the world plays a critical role in shaping flavour, nutrition and quality. For generations, Norwegian anglers have been harvesting salmon from the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic, and today those fish are prized around the world.

There are a number of reasons why the environment where the salmon grows creates a superior fish, with delicious flavour and vibrantly coloured, firm flesh. Let’s take a closer look.

Water Management

Norway and other North Atlantic countries take ocean management seriously. They follow strict management guidelines and work hard to keep the ocean waters clean and natural.

Water Temperature

The North Atlantic is cold! It provides the optimal water temperature range for salmon, between 8 and 14oC. 1

Water Currents

Particular water currents are also key. Too slow, and there’s not enough water moving through the fish habitat. Too fast, and it’s difficult for the fish to thrive. The fjords and archipelagos of
the long Norwegian coastline provide protection and create ideal water current conditions.  2

Water Type

Norwegian fjords are home to a mixture of oxygen-rich waters, both salt and fresh. This
combination acts as a natural way to keep the fish healthy by controlling parasites found in the water.

We’re proud to provide top-quality Norwegian salmon to our customers. Raised in the optimal conditions of the North Atlantic, they are truly a great-tasting, premium fish.


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